Looking to fill a product gap
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MC Product Design is an independent product design consultancy with over 30 years of invention and product design experience – across manufacturing, engineering, sports, retail and automotive.

We specialise in creating successful and innovative products for global businesses.

Business case development and assessment as standard

Giving you the confidence of the viability of the product and future sales success.

Process driven product design

From problem identification to the product on the shelves. With over 30 years of experience in creating innovative and successful products, we use a proven product design process to take a product from idea to the end consumer.

Patent and Intellectual Property advice

As the holder of 5 individual patents we can guide your through the process of securing a patent on your innovation.

Confidentially guaranteed

With all elements from invention, to design, to manufacturing completed in house, we can guarantee that your product will remain completely confidential until it is launched to market.  Full security of all IP and design requirements is guaranteed.

Efficiency of creation

Complete vertical integration from conception, through design to manufacturing – all developed in house with our experienced and expert team. Led by Michael Cagan, holder of 5 patents and experienced inventor and product designer.

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